An Ellendale man says that Bigfoot lives amongst us in North Dakota after spotting large footprints.

Christopher Bauer, the man who claimed to have tracked Bigfoot spoke to Inforum and said he tracked the creature's foot prints for seven miles before they disappeared into a bunch of hills in rural Dickey County.

Apparently, the footprints were 18 inches by 8 inches and there were hundreds of footprints that a strides of four feet.

Bauer sent the photos to an apparent 'Bigfoot expert" at the University of Idaho who says the findings are promising.

But the evidence is not convincing enough for the Dickey County Sheriff to investigate further telling Inforum that he will not look into it and he is unable to confirm or deny Bigfoot's existence in the county.

Bauer is not the first person to claim that Bigfoot calls North Dakota home.

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