While most Bigfoot sightings take place in the Pacific Northwest, the elusive creature has also been seen a handful of times in the state of North Dakota.

According to The Bigfoot Researchers Field Organization's website, Bigfoot has reportedly been seen numerous times in North Dakota, with the most recent taking place in 2005 in McLean County.

The first reported sighting of Bigfoot in North Dakota, according to the BFRO, took place in 1962, when a man reported being followed by the mythical creature near Minot.

42 years later, Bigfoot was once again spotted in the state. Multiple sightings took place near New Town over the course of a few days. A man that went to the area to investigate the sightings believe that it was, in fact, an authentic Bigfoot sighting. You can read more on these sightings HERE.

The most recent encounter, which took place in 2005, happened near White Shield, with multiple witnesses stating they saw what they believed to be Bigfoot. One of the witnesses continues to keep a database of sightings in the area, according to the BFRO.

These instances are the only ones described by the BFRO, though a quick search of YouTube yields videos of other Bigfoot encounters in the state, which you can see below:

So, does Bigfoot make his home in North Dakota? What do you think?

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