There's a rumor floating around that ESPN will be covering the Bismarck Century and Bismarck Legacy football game coming up on Saturday, August 29th.  This is coming from parents from one of the high schools.

I reached out to Athletic Director Dave Zittleman, but my phone calls were not returned.  In normal year, I would say the possibility of ESPN covering a high school football game in North Dakota, highly unlikely.  After all, they tend to cover only the big high school football programs in California, Florida & Texas.  However, with many states moving high school football to the Spring of 21 or cancelling football all together, this is not a normal year.  Not to mention Bismarck Century has a lot cred with producing one of the best Quarterbacks in pro football...Carson Wentz.  Dave Zittleman did however confirm the game has been moved to Saturday, August 29th through a text message.

So, you're telling me there's a chance?  What a shot in the arm this would have for high school football in North Dakota if it were true?  According to an unnamed source who has a son who plays for the Bismarck Legacy Sabers football team, this is happening.  The game has been moved to Saturday, August 29th to accommodate ESPN.  The game will be carried on either ESPN, ESPN 2 or ESPN U said my unnamed source. We will continue to monitor this situation.  Can you imagine how exciting this must be for the kids on these football teams.  Hopefully, we'll see the Patriots and Sabers on ESPN on Saturday, August 29th.


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