The phrase "born with a silver spoon in your mouth" describes people that are born into wealth and influence.  Their path to fame and fortune begins with advantages you probably won't find growing up in Kulm, North Dakota.  But that's where the humble beginnings started for Angeline Brown.  Her father was a newspaper publisher and editor.   He also worked as a part-time projectionist at a local movie theater.  I'm not sure if that theater ever screened Brian DePalma's movie "Dressed To Kill" , but if they did; Kulm would have seen an all grown up Angeline Brown in the steamiest shower scene ever filmed. Y'see, that nice girl from Kulm is Movie and TV star Angie Dickinson and based solely on that shower scene she gets the top spot on my list- with all apologies to Miss America.

North Dakota has produced the greatest NBA coach of all time, a UFC Hall of Fame fighter, and a rapper that topped the charts for 14 weeks!  There's many more famous NoDaks not on this list- so a shout out to Louie L' Amoure, Virgil Hill, Roger Maris, Lawrence Welk, Jonny Lang, and Texas Instruments co-founder Patrick Haggerty.

These are but ten of the sons and daughters of North Dakota that have achieved great levels of fame. Not with a silver spoon in their mouth, but with amber waves of grain at their feet.  So let's get to it.

Famous Folks From North Dakota

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