An incident happened just this week in Fargo, North Dakota that has caused heated arguments on both sides - an individual expressing her rights to act out, in front of a small community get-together. A political stance if you, which we all know can stir emotions in a heartbeat.

Monday night In Fargo at a school board meeting, a member made a decision

At some point during the assembly meeting, a silent gesture has caused some controversy. According to Valley News Live  Kara Gloe (a school board member) "...failed to stand for the American flag for the Pledge of Allegiance during Monday's meeting" This isn't the first time she chose that right. This is when the anger began for some people.

Everyone in this country has the right to choose how they express their belief

When Gloe took that moment, to remain seated, to express her political feeling or whatever was on her mind, during the Pledge of Allegiance, it wasn't the first time we have seen that happen. From sports to entertainment, to everyday school board meetings, people are sitting down during the National Anthem. So from the very first time that action took place, we will still have the counterpart - those that feel that it is a sign of disrespect to our country.

A military veteran in the audience was appalled by her display

Brad Schenck reportedly made it very clear that he was upset - a military veteran who has stood in pride in front of the flag, defending our country and many have ".. paid the ultimate sacrifice and price" He now wants Gloe to resign.

A final few words

I understand both views, I really do. I see where the anger can come from, men and women defend our country every day - lives have been lost. Whether you are angry with her actions or not, she does have the right to express herself - make a point of her beliefs - what she feels is right or wrong in our country. I also have great respect for those that have taken an oath to serve and protect, are keeping all of our freedoms alive - whether you SIT or STAND.

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