Are you one of those people that play along with game shows on television?

Like maybe Jeopardy? I have a friend that used to sit with his whole family in the evening and attempt to blurt out all the answers during this show. They were literally hypnotized to this 5 days a week. Game shows have been around a long time, and one of them in particular, Family Feud, has seen its share of hosts in the past - remember Richard Dawson? He would casually lean over and kiss every female that was participating, on both teams. I mention this because this show is famous for the entertainment factor that its hosts bring to the table - Comedian Louie Anderson gave it a whirl from 1999-2002. Steve Harvey is the man with all the questions now, and there is a Fargo family that just recently had a chance to interact with him on the show.

Look for TEAM Meyhuber to shine in October

According to this Fargo family had mixed feelings about ever actually making it on to the "Family Feud" show, some of the members were not terribly thrilled about the idea - I mean, how likely is it you would ever get a chance to really try out and pass all the auditions and such that it takes to actually make it! All the stars lined up in the skies above, and before you know it TEAM Meyhuber was ON the show, shaking Steve's hand - "They got the star treatment ( the family ) and the show’s host Steve Harvey helped ease their nerves" reported. No word on if they conquered their opponent or not, we will have to wait until October 18th when the show airs.


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