So we need to try and clarify a couple of things in just a bit...

... I'm not trying to alarm anyone by the title of this article, however, it could be a possibility in the near future. Here is the deal, iF your dog is deemed a "Public Nuisance" - he or she could be destroyed. Here is where we are going to clarify the word nuisance in a second. A bill that has moved on to the Senate will be looked at, and quite possibly could end up taking down dogs that are not handled correctly by their owners.

I think it's pretty safe to say that MOST of us know that owning an animal involves responsibility

We are liable for anything our pet may be a part of, like somehow being a "Public Nuisance", like threatening others on THEIR own private property, when these problems would arise, there would be a fine or a penalty of law, like a felony thrown at you if your dog constantly harassed and even harmed an innocent person - according to  "North Dakota House has approved a bill that would determine when a dog can be declared a public nuisance and put to death. The bill passed 56-34"

An argument against this ever happening...

...comes from Grand Forks Representative Steve Vetter - “If you look at the bill there is no misdemeanor, felony or fine you see in state law. What is this penalty? The penalty is death for your dog,” added.  If you have been attacked before, I'm sure you have no problem seeing this bill pass. I personally believe that accidents can happen, a dog can get out of their yard by mistake, become excited and advance on someone in their own personal space - more than once though is just plain poor management of their dog's living conditions, and no excuse.

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