What's better than a speeding ticket? A donut. That's what.

The Fargo Police Department celebrated National Donut Day the best way possible. They gave out donuts instead of tickets!

On Friday, June 2nd (National Donut Day), The Fargo Police Department posted a photo to their Facebook page that shows Officer Schindeldecker giving out a donut instead of a ticket.

Seriously, how awesome is this? 9 violations and no tickets.

Comments and 'likes' are pouring in to support the Fargo PD and their decision. My favorite? This one from Nathan Borrud:

"Sir the reason I pulled you over is because I saw that you were wearing a seatbelt!" "Here's a donut!"

Of course they had to include a safety message. You really have to appreciate their donut pun, donut speed.

We love you Fargo PD!

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