News out of Fargo, North Dakota reports an elementary student suspended for bringing a BB gun onto the school grounds. Valley News Live ran this story yesterday afternoon. The positive news is that no threats were made, no acts of violence or any other form of aggression were displayed. This year has been such a turmoil due to the coronavirus, and that we have had all our concerns it appears on whether we need to wear a mask or not. I hope that we haven't forgotten the horror of schools + guns + loss of lives. This blog is intended not to appear like I'm overacting on a story about a kid and his innocent BB gun - my goal is to point out the swift actions that were taken by the staff members during the moments when the BB gun was found - According to a release from Fargo Public Schools  a student brought the loaded BB gun to school in their backpack. The student made a staff member aware of something in their backpack when they arrived at school. The staff member looked into the student’s backpack and saw the BB gun. The backpack was immediately secured and confiscated. 

                                      A hallway closure occurred in the building in order for staff members to appropriately attend to the situation and keep all students and staff in their respective classrooms. No statements yet on why the incident happened - why did the student knowingly bring a loaded ANYTHING - BB's or real BULLETS - onto school grounds is what the real concern should be. The days of goofing off and brandishing even a fake weapon when you're out in public, I would hope, is long gone. Check out more of this story by clicking here.


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