After voting in favor of a beer garden at a meeting last month, the Fargodome Authority has decided against the sale of alcohol during the upcoming Bison football season. 

The Fargodome Authority felt crunched for time in making a decision on how and where to sell alcohol at NDSU football games. The cost of a beer garden was too much. According to the Fargodome's general manager, it would have cost between five and six thousand dollars per game. Space was also an issue as they would have to make room for a tent area.

A committee will be created to determine how a beer garden, or the sale of alcohol, will be feasible in the future. John Paulsen, the President of the Authority, is the only member not in favor of the motion.

I was the only member of the Dome Authority to oppose that motion and so now we're not going to have alcohol in the suites. I am sorry about that. I don't think it's a necessary step but I understand that majority rules in any board and that's what this is.

Originally, it had been reported that alcohol sales would begin in the Fargodome suites and eventually make its way to a beer garden and possibly the stands.

The City of Fargo and NDSU will continue to work with the Fargodome Authority in hopes of finding a mutual decision. Hopefully a decision will be made by next football season.

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