I can leave my purse in the car...it's locked (chirp)

That was the sound of you clicking your faub and locking your vehicle.


That was the sound of your driver's window being broken.


The actual sound of a hammer with a towel up against your window...most likely your passenger side because you put your purse/laptop on the floor where no one would see it.

So what is a Felony Lane Gang member anyways? Well, could be anyone.  Could be local thugs or town-to-town grifter types that target somewhat specific locations.  Primarily health and fitness clubs.  No fault of theirs, we just don't want to take our valuables inside when we have perfectly good (better than good) lockers out here in the parking lot! (chirp)

A locker with a window for a secured door.

So, let's just say that the Felony Lane Gang consists of two women and two men.  Most likely the men would hop out of the car in the parking lot looking for ladies car with lady's valuables sitting at the foot of the passenger seat. Whumph there it is!  Glass knocked out. Purse stolen. Back in the car.

Now we get to the felony lane part of the story.

Since it's a lady's purse, and we started out saying there were two ladies in the car, it's time to go to the bank. With maybe a few wigs packed away, a lady could try to replicate the look of the identity victim and go to the drive through at the bank.

In the FELONY lane.

Finally! Yeesh..that took a long time.

Y'see they then go through the lane that is farthest from the teller where their "disguises" could fool the tellers. (I know there's cameras, but seriously, i bet they don't work great for facial recognition by a teller).  So there ya go...cash through teller before the theft has been reported.  Hey the guy needs $3,600 cash for the ATV, he won't take a check- etc. etc.

The felony lane gang.  Not so much a gang as an angle. How to defend yourself?

Here's what I do...leave my car unlocked with nothing of value in it. Nobody steals an 8-track player anymore and my car doesn't even have a CD player ,so there's not even my favorite Gin Blossoms CD.  Steal my old air fresheners and spill my registration and insurance cards out on the floor. Save your hammer for the next car.

Because I tossed my stuff in the trunk (metal door).  So there.

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