I don't know much about drug addiction, but I imagine that it's a living hell for all involved - addicts, families, and friends. It's scary enough to think about the possibility of an overdose on something that's intentionally taken by a user. But how horrifying is it that dealers knowingly and secretly sell lethal drugs to their customers?

According to Valley News Live (Fargo), police are warning North Dakotans that there is a deadly drug being sold around North Dakota - fentanyl. Unfortunately, the fentanyl pills being sold are deceiving because looks like another drug - oxycodone. The Valley News Live report states that the drug has "green coloration with a '30' and an 'M' imprinted" on it. The article says that Fargo police are urging those who are addicted to seek help and for others in the community to be speak up if/ when they see an issue. Get more on the story here.

I have heard about fentanyl in North Dakota, but I just don't know much about it. I can't help but wonder what is the point of a seller putting out illicit drugs meant to cause their customers to overdose? As if drug addiction and the potential for fatality from overdosing aren't horrifying enough, users could unknowingly take something they never meant to and die. So, I had to find out why fentanyl keeps getting in the hands of North Dakota addicts.

According to npr.org, fentanyl is a drug used in hospital care for things like open heart surgery and end-of-life care. So, the drug does serve a medical purpose. But the reason it ends up in illicit street drugs is because it's cheap and powerful. So, when it's cut that into other drugs like heroin and cocaine, a dealer can dupe the buyer to make more money off the sale. Get more details about fentanyl here.

If you or someone you know needs help with drug addiction, the Fargo police urge you to call 701.241.5777, text 701.730. or go online.

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