Fine, I'm A Hoarder, But Know What You're Throwing Away!  We all have things that are personal to us.  Little trinkets from our childhood or an important moment in our life, something that reminds us of someone special or just cool stuff.  In addition to those things, I may have a few tools.

My wife and I debate (argue) about this all of the time.  She actually calls me a hoarder, but in my defense, she never complains when I fix something that would have cost us a lot of money because I HAVE THE RIGHT TOOL TO FIX SOMETHING.  Ok, my tool collection may be a bit excessive, but isn't every guys?  Honey, just stay out of the garage and you won't have to worry about it!  By the way, my garage is very clean, she just thinks that there is too much stuff in it.

She also has a bunch of her things in MY garage, but I don't complain about her totes (which have displace my things and now to her are deemed as clutter because they aren't put away...ON THE SHELF WHERE HER STUFF NOW SITS).

Getting back to my point, she would just start throwing my stuff away without knowing what it is and that brings us to today's SOMETHING YOU NEED TO KNOW:

Brobible says James Micioni, of New Jersey, died in late March at the age of 97. His family was recently going through his attic when they found his $1 million baseball card collection. It includes six signed Babe Ruth cards including one that is worth $100,000. James's family plans to auction off the card collection.

The moral of the story, Fine, I'm A Hoarder, But Know What You're Throwing Away!  And that's SOMETHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!


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