Foreigner bassist Jeff Pilson reported that bandmate Thom Gimbel was preparing to quit in the near future.

Multi-instrumentalist Gimbel has been with Mick Jones’ group for nearly 30 years after joining in 1992; he left for a second stint with Aerosmith the following year before returning full-time in 1995. He’s played a variety of roles in live performances, including keyboard and sax, and he's took over Jones’ guitar parts when he’s absent.

“Mick doesn’t do all shows with us, so when he’s not playing, Thom is,” Pilson told Rocking With Jam Man. “However, Thom is actually gonna be leaving the band. He’s had some experiences – I mean, he’s ready to get off the road at some point. So maybe then I’ll be the longest-serving member!”

Asked if the band could continue with no original members, Pilson replied: “I think we can. You know, it really is all about the music, especially with Foreigner. Foreigner was never any kind of an image band at all, and that’s actually worked to our advantage in these later years. … We can tour without Mick, because the music is so strong that it is more about the music than it is about the personnel. And I think that’s kinda cool.”

You can watch the interview below.

He added the band was working on new material, although an album isn't in the cards. “I think we’ll do another kind of package deal … and we’ll add a couple of new songs to it, and that’s how we’ll keep it fresh,” he said. “But there’s really no way we could do a whole album, especially now – we had this year off, but we were in separate places. When we get together, we’re going to have to hit the road, and hit the road hard. So, [there’s] not time for a whole new record.”

Pilson said their touring plans included U.S. shows during 2021 then appearances further afield next year, providing pandemic regulations allow such traveling. “Basically, with Foreigner, we’re not going to go out until we’re all vaccinated, so we’re all working on that right now,” he explained. “As long as [organizers] take the proper precautions, I’m okay with it, but I wouldn’t be comfortable just going out and doing a regular show now. I think that would be asking for trouble.”


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