McDonald's will have a new product available to the public on May 5th. But it's so dumb and fortunately Bismarck and Mandan will miss out on the stupidity.

The new product is called a 'frork' which is a stupid device that can be used to hold a few french fries which can then be used to dip the fries in dipping sauce (or sauce that falls off your burger)

The very stupid gimmick can be seen in this very stupid promotional video.

The frork is only available at 'participating' locations.


As you can see, Bismarck and Mandan locations are not participating. And good for them. We don't need this stupid thing.

For what it's worth, Nathan's, which is a restaurant we should add to our list of food establishments needed in Bismarck and Mandan, gives a fork with their fries and it's awesome.

Bismarck was a participating location when the fast food chain was giving away bottles of their Big Mac sauce. That was cool.

But the frork is dumb and I'm glad that nobody in our area will be caught using one.


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