Over the last couple of days the North Dakota Highway Patrol says there have been four accidents involving North Dakota snow plows.

In a news release by the North Dakota Highway Patrol, they say that on Dec. 20, three accidents were reported on Highway 2. Two of the crashes were near Tioga and the third near Towner.

The NDHP says another accident occurred involving a snow plow on Dec. 21 near Williston.

The North Dakota Highway Patrol reminds drivers to be careful when snow plows or out and to be aware that they could be driving in any lane or on the shoulder.

NDPH recommends to double your following distance when following snow plows and to not drive in whiteout conditions, in snow fog that is caused by crosswinds or the plowing of snow.

There were no injuries reported in any of the crashes.

[North Dakota Highway Patrol]

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