Probably just another opening week of Sturgis, but for the record, accordingly to KELO TV SD, let's check the stats!

I'm going look at district totals from 2019 versus 2020. So this includes Rapid City, which you have to figure is the "gateway to sturgis" as far as the supply chain goes. (spoiler alert) At least it is this year when it comes to confiscated cash or basically ATM deposit for the SD law enforcement. KELO provides the South Dakota Highway Patrol stats as these-

DUI arrests are down! Which is great news. But, not the only news. And probably the only good news...unless you're the PD, cuz you just made close to 19 grand.

Is it because the numbers of people are down?  They must be right? Is it less easy to "blend in the crowd" when you're smoking weed in public? Not sure, but 2020 is CRUSHING it in misdemeanor drug arrests.  Pacing at 208 in 2020 versus 172 in 2019. Am I right in saying that's about a 16% increase for the first week? Might not be shocking but it is telling. Total citations are down as are total warnings, I'm probably assuming nobody in law enforcement probably wants to do the warning paperwork this year. Bigger fish to fry. Like confiscating some cash!  Rapid City scores big with over 11 and a half grand snatched from the grips of people that used to have it...and Sturgis pitching another 7 grand on the pile.  Company Christmas party is gonna have shrimp cocktail this year y'all.

Just passing on the info- nothing looks too crazy.  It seems to me though- if you had a lot less people you would think the accidents would be less. Did the hailstorm increase accidents?  Are there maybe as many people as always? We'll wait for the final wrap.

Seems a lot of folks had a good time.

Stay safe y'all.



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