Two stories here that are not related...but somewhat relatable..

Fox Sports North will now be renamed (re-branded) as BALLY SPORTS NORTH.

Not all in CAPS, I added that for effect. It'll be Bally Sports North.

Sinclair Broadcast Group bought 19 Fox regional sports networks.  Just like naming rights are sold for stadiums, Sinclair must have taken marketing up to the all- encompassing package.

and they got a bite.

If you throw something on the wall and it sticks?  Well, in the broadcast world, you take that stuck something on the wall.

Bally Casino came up with a number, that one and all must have decided was a fine enough number to re-brand the whole darn thing. can get us into this part...seriously, click it and come back.

The Bally brand would appear on local-news sports updates, as well as national broadcasts of sporting events -- from golf to pro football -- on the local stations, Chris Ripley, Sinclair’s chief executive officer, said in an interview.

So like the Winston Cup of NASCAR's past- a vice has come in to homes with a very high profile indeed. Well played Bally.

But when I said the two stories aren't related...I was right.

Here's the second part I wanted to mention...

The North Dakota Legislature just shot down 2020's online gambling proposal for the state. We currently have soooooo many ways to lose money gambling in North Dakota. Maybe the proposals just haven't clearly monetized the product for the State's interest?  Or, like ND's medical marijuana launch, is the platform it needs to be built on...too daunting?

I don't know...

But March 31st, Bally is televising your son's football game...daughter's volleyball game...maybe that fishing show you like.

Only golfers bet more than fishermen.

Not related.  But relatable.

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