Back in 2004, 63% of North Dakota voters approved joining the multi-state lottery.   It's been not only a strong money maker for the state, but also for somebody who just bought a $1 million lottery ticket in Walhalla.  It's not the billion dollar ticket, but beggars can't be choosers.

So we've had a lot of fun playing the lottery and the state's making some sweet gambling cash, let's turn this addictive cash register up to 10 by adding sports betting to the state. OK, let's give it a go!

First off, we need to get sports betting on the ballot!  It starts with West Fargo Republican Rep. Michael Howe introducing a resolution next month.  The Legislature would then have an up and down vote on it.  If passed it would go on the ballot as early as next year.

Legal sports gambling became a thing outside of Las Vegas due to a 2018 United States Supreme Court decision that struck down a federal law that had been banning such activity.  So why didn't we jump on this cash cow right away?  Well we gave it a shot two years ago with a pair of bills that were shot down in the legislature.  Why would it be any different this time?

Once again the answer is cash. Don't care what the question's CASH!

Coupla dozen US states currently have legal gambling and they're rolling in the dough. So, just like the pro-legalizing weed crowd, supporters of legal sports gambling will tell you that all efforts up to this point were just not worded properly.

They all need to start with "Pay to the order of North Dakota"...

How about video poker?  Well, that's Resolution #3012 and it's trying to make it's way on the 2022 ballot.

It's a fair bet to say that making a bet is going to get a whole lot easier in a year or so.

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