UPDATE: All this needs now is for the Governor to sign the bill.

By reading the title of this story, you can surely expect some controversy, but those with the "Heavy Foot" won't mind one bit...

...after all, I'm sure you have heard the old phrase "Leadfoot" when it comes to driving a motor vehicle, no matter what the speed limit, someone will always push the gas "pedal to the medal" to go faster - that's just human nature for many drivers on the road. So check this out, North Dakota may soon see speed limit signs change on the highways, and for those of you that STILL ( and I find it hard to believe but it's true ) remain lazy OR just refuse to wear a seat belt, there is a bill in effect that will handle that situation.

Just to make this a little easier to understand - "...hit the gas and buckle up"

That was the way grandforksherald.com "The House of Representatives voted 65-29 on Tuesday, Feb. 7, to pass House Bill 1475, which would raise the speed limit on multi-lane highways from 75 mph to 80 mph" So...do YOU think that's a little too fast? You can just secretly nod your head "yes". There is also another pretty common issue that could change as well - wearing seat belts, and I'm talking every passenger in a car SHOULD be wearing one, and for some reason, I was sure that was already a law here in North Dakota -"Across the hall, the Senate approved Senate Bill 2362 in a 31-14 vote on Monday. The legislation would allow police to pull over a vehicle if the driver or any passengers are not wearing seat belts. Each bill will now head to the opposite chamber" grandforksherald.com added.

What is your opinion about both of those bills?

I say 80 mph is way too fast for anyone who has to break suddenly, AND without a doubt, every passenger should wear a seat belt. We shall see how these two bills turn out.



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