I've been driving all around Bismarck-Mandan lately, and I couldn't help but notice the letters "XTC" popping up all over the place.

On buildings and several poles I've seen this graffitied. One can only assume this is a gang tag. I've never heard of it before, and I am only speculating, but could X-T-C stand for "Ecstasy"? -- Hard to say.

I reached out to the Bismarck Police Department; Lt. Gardiner informed me that they hadn't gotten any reports on this yet. So, this is still pretty new.

What I do know is...

This is a little unsettling. Bismarck isn't known for having a high crime rate. As a matter of fact, MacroTrends.net reported Bismarck's crime rate to have declined in 2018. So, is this a bunch of kids, or something more serious?

I Looked It Up

There are gangs throughout the world that use "XTC" as their names/trademarks. This might have nothing to do with the tagging that's been popping up in Bismarck, but it is interesting to know.

In South East Asia, there is a gang that goes by the name "XTC." According to Independant.co.uk, this gang smuggles, trades, and sells rare animals parts. Specifically, they are known for selling rhino horns and pangolin scales.

A More Plausible Explanation:

Gangs are often associated with drugs. Could this be a gang that is known for selling the drug, "Ecstasy"? -- That might be more likely. So, what do you think? Is this a group of kids, or something more serious?

My Flat Tire Conspiracy Theory:

Allow me to complain for a second, while we're here. In the past two weeks I've gotten two screws in my tires. Granted, the universe could hate me, but it was weird. The first one happened on Friday the 13th near one of these gang signs. The second happened the following Friday close to the first incident. I don't live by construction and what actually are the odds on that? This could be my paranoia setting in, but I'm just saying it's weird. Have you had something similar happen lately?

What Do You Think?

Have you seen these signs? Do you know anything about it? Do you think this should be a concern?

Also, a possibility: Am I missing something obvious? Is this a mark made by city workers for some reason that's beyond me?

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