On Aug. 21, pretty much the entire United States will be treated to a solar eclipse of some sort.

A portion of the country will see a total solar eclipse. Elsewhere, like here in North Dakota, we'll get to see a partial solar eclipse. Depending on what source you look at, here in the Bismarck area we are expecting between 80 and 90 percent of total coverage of the sun by the moon.

Viewing parties are being hosted all over the country including in Bismarck. You can view the solar eclipse at Gateway to Science in Bismarck with plenty of other people while also learning more information about the eclipse.

The viewing party will last from 11am until 2:30pm. According to Gateway of Science, the eclipse will begin in Bismarck at about 11:32am, will peak at 12:52pm and will end at 2:15pm.

It is extremely dangerous to stare at a solar eclipse with the naked eye. It is recommended you purchase special solar glasses for safe viewing. Gateway to Science began selling a limited supply on Aug. 14 but their website reports they are now sold out.

If you plan to view the eclipse, you will need to get solar eclipse glasses elsewhere. A list of reputable places to buy solar eclipse glasses can be found here. Unfortunately, due to the widespread media reporting of the solar eclipse and the general popularity of it, many vendors are already sold out. But you may get lucky and find a vendor that still has glasses in stock.

If you still want to be able to view the solar eclipse with the naked eye but can't obtain glasses, there is another alternative using a cereal box. You can create what's called a 'pinhole projector' and NASA explains how to do that in this video.

There is an admission fee to attend the Gateway of Science Eclipse Party.

Other eclipse parties being held around the state include:

If you are unable to obtain solar eclipse glasses to view the eclipse and don't want to make a pinhole projector, NASA will provide a live stream of the event here.

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