It's great that there is such amazing developments occurring in childhood development.  It's happening right in our own backyards.  This spring, Minot is set to begin construction on their new Magic City Discovery Center- click here to take a look at the picture on the architect website.  I'm not about to mess with posting licensed design pictures with just click real quick and we'll move on.

It's pretty darn slick.

But, as a Bismarck "homer", I want to give full credit and full support to the newly developing Gateway To Science Center.  So, for goodness sake- watch this short video mock up of what's being planned here in the Capitol City.  Also pretty darn amazing.  We've already discussed the redevelopments of Gateway To Science on this site, so let's give the Magic City the love they deserve.

Minot groups have been at this for a while...

Since 2013, we have taken significant steps toward creating a children’s museum in North Dakota.  Our public-private partnership with the City of Minot and Minot Park District, together with generous support from regional businesses, foundations and individuals, expressed the enthusiastic desire to bring the Magic City Discovery Center to our region.  In fall 2020, the Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation and Department of Defense awarded us a $6.3 million grant, adding a giant leap to our steady steps! 

US Senator John Hoeven was there for the groundbreaking in October, 2020.  This will be a STEAM center (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math).  It will feature 12 interactive exhibits, and in total, the museum will cost in the neighborhood of $14 million. They're expecting it to be complete in the spring of 2022.  I think it's important that it's being built in North Minot, giving easier access to the youth living on the Minot Air Force Base.

It's great news for the kids and great news for the educators that will now have the facilities and the resources to continue to interest our youth in experimenting and experiencing activities that truly will feed their quest for knowledge.

Again, I'm so looking forward to the new Gateway To Science Center in Bismarck as well.

Great news for all of our communities

Get Out And See North Dakota!!!

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