Everyone knows Rugby, North Dakota is the geographical center of the continent, right?

When I was little, my great uncle would facetiously brag that his hometown was kind of a big deal. I mean, who would not have a bit of an ego if they were literally from smackdab in the center of a whole continent? My poor great uncle may roll over in his grave for me writing this, but, as it turns out, his beloved Rugby, North Dakota may not actually be what it claims to be - "The Geographical Center of North America."

A geography professor from the University of Buffalo determined that another North Dakota town is the actual geographical center.

I only found this mind-blowing information out today, but Townsquare Bismarck's very own Scott McGowan (Cool 98.7) has a knack for finding odd and quirky news around North Dakota, and he made the discovery almost a year before I did! Last year, New York Times wrote that a geography professor at the University of Buffalo decided to find out for himself where North America's geographical center actually is. Through his own calculations, he determined it was Center, North Dakota.

What caused people to question Rugby's claim to fame?

So, what caused all this hullabaloo about the title that has been claimed by a city since the Great Depression? CBS News traveled to North Dakota to get to the bottom of it. As it turns out, Rugby was challenged by a bar owner in Robinson, North Dakota. According to the CBS News interview, the owner of Hanson's Bar and his friends had a few beers one time, measured a globe with a string, and then the guy bought up the rights to the "Geographical Center of North America" title. Sidenote: Rugby only got its claim because of a cutout map that was balanced on a pinpoint.

So, Rugby claimed it, Robinson challenged it, and Center is most likely the city that should have the title. Which city do you think should own the rights to the title of "Geographical Center of North America"?

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