So I've lived in Bismarck/Mandan since 2001, but unril recently, I had no idea that Center, North Dakota has laid a claim to the title of "Geographical Center of North America". Now I personally wouldn't care if Center is in fact "the center"- the reason it interests me is that-


I guess another reason I find it interesting is that I just stumbled across a very well-written piece on the subject from author Katherine LaGrave. As I gathered from reading, Katherine was born in North Dakota but moved to Germany with her family when she was still quite young. I'm not sure if the legend of the geographical center of North America is the stuff of legend around the world, but it sure seems like she came a long way to get to the center of it. Seems she lives in New York now- but that's still a distance away. She flew in and her father drove in from Minneapolis, they were going to figure it out.

See her dad was born in 1953 at Rugby's Heart of America hospital. So, this story strikes home.

Before I let you dive into their well-written tale, I just want to comment that indeed there is interest in this story all across the country- the New York Times (aka the failing New York Times) dives into the science backing up Center ND's claim.  Smithsonian Magazine pretty much proclaims Center the new champ. World Atlas isn't crazy enough to side with either city.

But what do Katherine and her Dad come up with?

Take a minute for a read you'll really enjoy- and good luck Center, Rugby's been playing with that ball long enough. click to read- Journey To The Center Of North America.

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