We've all seen it, one place or another, usually at the same time of day - driving up to a busy intersection, the light stops you at red. Glancing off to your left you see someone holding a cardboard sign - asking for any kind of donation etc. There are many different versions of what the post on their sign reads, but the common goal of course is hoping to touch a kind person's heart, and in return receive some money. I'm writing this article because of a random post I saw on Facebook the other day - someone here in Bismarck spotted a veteran holding a sign saying that he had fallen on hard times - The author of this gave what she could.

Her post wasn't centered towards anything but positive, but of course, the negative people chipped in by saying that all people that stand on a corner, BEGGING for money are "crooks". Some argue that if people can be out there with that much time on their hands, "Why not get a job?"

It's not for us to judge. I was going to try and drive out to State street today and see if I could talk to a sign holder, but then I changed my mind - all because of what one person replied to this FB post -

   People it’s not if the person is legit or not it’s your heart that matters I don’t stress on if the person has a Mercedes around the corner or sleeping under the bridge see here’s where it matters two words -MY HEART    


Let your conscience be your guide - if the moment arrives and you feel the person on the other end is genuine, then do what you can. If not then simply drive away....period.


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