Governor Doug Burgum has presented his budget proposal for the coming year.

As the Bismarck Tribune reports, the plan includes a pay raise for state employees and more funding for education at all levels.

The governor also proposed an increase of funding for "behavioral health services." That would presumably include mental health care, as well as treatment for drug and alcohol abuse.

The governor and his wife are outspoken advocates of increased services for alcoholics and drug addicts.

Reaction to the governor's proposal has been generally positive. A number of lawmakers see the governor's proposals as a "starting point' for discussion.

Republican Rep. Bob Martinson, himself an advocate of pay raises for state employees, says the governor's speech was "interesting."

Democrat Erin Oban said she approved of the "strategy-driven" angle of the proposals.

The Tribune says a liukely point of contention will be the so-called Prairie Dog infrastructure-funding bill, endorsed by Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner.


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