The producers of the troubled Gregg Allman biopic have broken their silence after a deadly on-set accident led to their arrest on involuntary manslaughter and criminal trespassing charges.

“In the weeks and months that follow when the true facts of the events are revealed, people will know that this was not a crime: we never had criminal intent; we would never knowingly or intentionally put anybody’s safety at risk,” Randall Miller and Jody Savin said in a statement. “This was a horrible tragedy and a horrific accident.”

The husband-and-wife team of Miller and Savin were arrested in connection with the Feb. 20 death of Sarah Jones, a camera assistant who was struck and killed by a train during an initial shoot in rural Georgia. They turned themselves in to Wayne County police on Sunday, before posting bail and returning home to California. Jay Sedrish, the film's executive producer, was charged, as well.

Miller also served as director of 'Midnight Rider,' while Savin was the writer. They pointed to a nearly quarter-century of work over 10 different films, saying “in all those years we have never had a significant injury or accident of any kind."

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