Well, it's that time of year.  Not only are the shopping malls elbow to elbow, but so are the grocery stores.  I witnessed some interesting behaviors last night as I picked up my turkey and other dishes for my families big meal.  Let's see if you are guilty of committing these seven deadly sins in the grocery store.

#1.  Don't park your cart in the middle of an isle.  Most grocery store isles are not very big.  If the store is crowded people want to get in and get out.  Don't make somebody wait while you pick out that perfect can of beans.

#2.  Don't visit with somebody for ten minutes in an isle.  You would think this would be common sense?  The isles were very busy last night.  I sat and literally waited for what seemed like an eternity, while two people chatted about all their problems in their life.  After a couple of "excuse me's", They finally realized they were blocking the entire isle.

#3.  Get off your phone.  Again, I had to wait last night while a person sat in an isle scrolling through their facebook feed.  Those stories will still be there when you're done shopping.  Keep it moving people!

#4.  Don't leave items in random places.  It's okay to change your mind when you see an item preferable to something in your cart! Or maybe you realized you grabbed one too many cans of tomato paste. But do you bring the no-longer-wanted can back to its original place, or simply set it down among the rolls of toilet paper in the aisle you are presently cruising?

A checker I know says there's a third option, for those who aren't inclined to return to the tomato paste shelf -- "We wish customers would return items directly to us, as a cashier, at the register -- instead of just placing items 'wherever' on the shelf!"

#5.  Don't abuse the "express" checkout lane.  A few extra items is okay, but an extra twenty?  Not cool.

#6.  If you and another shopper arrive at the checkout line at the same time.  Fewest items wins.  Don't be that guy or girl for that matter who tries to jump the line with a loaded cart.

#7  And FINALLY.  Don't abandon your cart.  Kindly return it to the cart corral so it doesn't end up crashing into somebody's car.

There you go, the SEVEN deadly sins of grocery shopping.  Are you guilty?


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