For a guy---maybe I'm an odd duck---but I love grocery shopping.  I have since I was a little guy and used to go to the grocery stores with my mom and "help" her shop.    I'm a bargain hunter and look for the best prices on what I buy.  And it looks like I may not be alone when it comes to being a guy going grocery shopping.  I do notice a lot of guys when I shop--whether it be at Dan's Supermarket, Cash Wise, Target or Wal-Mart.   According to a new survey, more and more guys here in North Dakota are grocery shopping – and the numbers may surprise you a bit.   


Nearly 50% of the men surveyed said they do at least half of their family’s grocery shopping.  And out of those guy---more than half of the guys said they do all of their families grocery shopping.   Grocery shopping experts agree that women still do most of the shopping, there’s no denying there are a lot more guys in the 21st century are doing the grocery shopping.  I'm thinking  since guys are doing more of the shopping perhaps stores could offer up some ammenities such as:

•Some pop or beer tasting.

•Live grilling demonstrations and samples of course!!!

ªOr best of all have ESPN Sports  Center on in the produce section.    (Boston Globe)

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