I'm hoping that some of you can relate to this quick story, years ago when I was in high school, we all were aware of these two brothers who were identical. There mannerism was uncanny, they laughed the same, they sounded the same. Of course, they were twins, and everyone knew all about them. It's been a long time, but I distinctly remember the Gallager's were the ONLY twins in school. Fast forward to the present year, if I were to ask you what you would guess is the national average of having twins at birth, you probably would think on the high side -  well according to Healthline.com "Birth of twins has increased some 78 percent Trusted Source since 1980. There are now around 34 setsTrusted Source of twins born per 1,000 births in the United States".

So, will someone please explain to me what's going on at North Sargent School in Gwinner, ND? Next time you are there, walk into Mrs. Hock's Kindergarten class - there out of 19 students, six are twins. Wait though, that's not all when you venture through the rest of the K-12 school with a total of 215 students, EIGHT are twins. INFORUM goes on to say "According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control, that is about double the normal rate of twins in the general population, making Gwinner, N.D. the unofficial twin capital of North Dakota."  Well there you have it, next time you are driving through the 57th largest city in North Dakota, just 199 miles away from Bismarck, don't be surprised if you start seeing double - no need to have your eyes checked! For more on this story click here.



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