OK, cat peoples you can come too. Cuz these critters are looking for your love!  If you go to their sites and fill out an application for one of these fine animals, you may see me entered in the adoption process as well.  Because, I'm in the market baby!

Just don't tell my current guy DJ Brody B!


Old guy's gonna love a new buddy.  He will, he's lived with critters his entire life.  I have too.  Odd thing though, every companion critter I've ever had has been a dude! Dogs, cats, turtles, ferrets, hamsters- all boys!

Yes ladies, I was that college stallion that had a siamese cat-sized male ferret that bit! Just a bit.  How cool was I? His name was Jackson and he was indestructible. This is not a picture of him but pretty darn close,

CDC Increases Awareness To Health Risks Associated With Exotic Pets
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After all the boys, I've now DEDICATED myself to getting a female canine this time around.  Brody would love a young "girlfriend" right? She doesn't have to be a puppy, because odds are overwhelming that she'll be way younger than our old fellow.

Brenda and I have put in adoption requests on a few dogs in the last few months, but it seems they had already had been secured to other households.  Which is great!  Kinda breaks your heart a little.  But they're going home!

You have to be happy for everyone.

So, i'll continue passing on a ton of absolutely adoptable male mutts and continue to search.  We will soon find our perfect family addition.

My apologies to any area shelters/rescues I missed...feel free to promote yourselves in the comments.  I's not a competition. Y'all in smaller towns are doing great things to curb your critters and make them comfortable.  Bless you for that.

It's Adopt A Dog month, but that's every month isn't it?  Cats too.


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