Have You Heard Of Scouting?  Maybe, maybe not.  Most of us know who the Boyscouts are.  They're those cute kids running around in their cute little uniforms with all of those cute little patches on them.  Actually, that's only a tiny little piece of what scouting is.

Scouting is about community and building foundations for the skills that kids carry with them well into adulthood.  I was never a Scout or Webalo or involved with scouting in any fashion until recently.  A friend of mine who works with the BSA (Boy Scouts of America) asked me to help with their Pinewood Derby.  As an announcer, I said of course I would help the kids by emceeing their Derby.

Like me, I think many of us have heard of the BSA's Pinewood Derby, it's been around since 1953, but really, what is it?  That's when I had to start doing a little homework.

Pinewood Derby Rules

Ok, now that I have the rules and specs for the cars, I've got this.

Now throw in the Covid 19 pandemic and social distancing and no more group gatherings and wait a minute, how are we going to hold a BSA Pinewood Derby?  That's where the community part comes in...and some technology.  That's when the Schwan Virtual Pinewood Derby race was born (thank you Schwan Buick GMC for the sponsorship).  They set up the track and all of the cameras, the kids dropped off their cars and we were off to the races and I showed up to call the race.

I was blown away!  The work that the kids put into their cars was amazing.  And it wasn't just the kids.  There is an Outlaw Division for those cars that tend to lean a little bit more on the extravagant side, parents entries, siblings, cars pulled out of retirement...this is a project/event for the entire family.

I have to tell you, I got pretty caught up in the event and had a blast helping out with their Facebook Live, Schwan Virtual Pinewood Derby.  I'm looking forward to calling the races again next year, virtually AND with all of the kids there. Have You Heard Of Scouting?  It's definitely more than you think.



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