According to an article on The Loupe, they decided to break down every state's favorite chip and dip combination.

I'm not going to lie.  I haven't even heard of this particular chip brand that we supposedly love in North Dakota.  I asked around our building to see if my co-workers had partaken in these so-called most popular chips in the state.  Most were like me and had never even heard of them before.  BEC from our morning show had heard of them but like me, she was surprised this so-called brand was North Dakota's favorite.

To be honest, I would've guessed something like Doritos, Pringles, Sun Chips, or Lays.  Nope, none of those.  I like Pringles myself but I get irritated with how easily they break.

I'm not sure if I agree with the number one dip for North Dakotans either but at least I've heard of it.


As far as the favorite chip and dip combos from our neighboring states:

Minnesota likes Old Dutch chips with guacamole.

South Dakota has a hankering for Pringles and french onion dip.

Montana's go-to chip and dip combo is Pringles and 7-layer dip.

And finally, North Dakotans reach for Popchips (?) and 7-layer dip.

So, what exactly is a Popchip?  The majority of my co-workers like myself have not only never tried these but have never even heard of them either.  I guess they taste like a combo of popcorn and potato chips.  Almost like a Funyons texture.  Light and fluffy.

As far as North Dakota's favorite dip, I'm not surprised it's 7-layer dip, but I would still argue french onion is more popular.

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