First, let's all take a moment to admit that hanging up on a spam/scam call is incredibly satisfying. Second, can we also agree that we get these calls WAY too often?

I know you probably feel personally victimized by these things, but that's definitely not the case. You are not alone; we are all at our wits end with this issue.


States That Get The Most Spam Calls

It might make you feel a little better knowing, that North Dakotans don't get hit quite as hard as other states.

The state that gets the most spam calls, overall, is Pennsylvania.

According to, Pennsylvanians get an average of 4.4 spam calls every single day. How insane is that?!

If I got spammed that much, I would throw my phone across the room... that is, if I hadn't already dropped my phone in a toilet the other day. *sigh*

New Jersey came in as a close second.

North Dakota

So, how many spam calls do North Dakotans get each day? On average, the source found North Dakotans get 2.3 spam calls a day and 16.1 per week.

New Forms Of Spam

Spammers and scammers have also adapted; they also spam us with text messages. The source claims the average person gets 1.5 spam texts per day.

Getting Worse?

Whether it's mail, flyers, texts, or phone calls, we are getting bombarded with solicitations and scams and spammy messages. It's too much!

I have a suspicion that it is only going to get worse as we get closer to the holidays. If you haven't already, I'd download a spam blocker to your phone.

Remember: Deep breaths and trust no one that cold calls you.


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