According to KX News, The White House and Senate leaders got the approval for a $2 trillion pandemic response measure on Wednesday March 25, 2020. This will include sending checks to people all across the country due to the coronavirus.

The checks will include a one time package payment of $1,200 per adult and $500 per child under the age of 17. The payments will phase out those who make more than $75,000. For every $100 you earn above the $75,000 limit your payment would drop by $5. Those who make more then $99,000 and couples making more than $198,000 will not qualify for the payment.

The amount of money you make will be based upon your 2019 tax returns. If you haven't filed yet, they'll go back to 2018 returns. A Treasury Department request to Capital Hill would like to see a start date of April 6, 2020 with the first batch and the second batch of checks going out on May 18, 2020. The Tax Policy Center said 90% of Americans will qualify for the payment. But, the bill doesn't specify a timeline for the checks to be mailed out.

According to KFYR-TV Democrats said the package would help replace salaries of furloughed workers for four months. Furloughed workers would get whatever the state provides for unemployment plus a $600 per week add on, and would include gig workers like Uber for the first time. 

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