The Big 10 has cancelled football and Fall sports.  I believe this will highly impact the upcoming college hockey season as well.  According to an article in the Grand Forks Herald commissionaires from the 6 major college hockey conferences have been in weekly contact with each other.  They are trying to figure out the best way to conduct some sort of season, after coronavirus wiped out last season.  A season that had the University of North Dakota all but a lock as the National Champion.  Can you tell I'm just a little bit bitter about that?

Experts in college hockey believe the season is likely to follow one of these 3 scenarios.  I believe we actually have 4, but more on that in a moment.  In the Grand Forks Herald article one idea is that the season will start on time in early October as planned.  However, just about nobody is holding out hope for this anymore.  The Ivy league and their 6 schools have already announced they will not play any sports until January 1st.  Idea number 2, is that the season would start mid to late November.  Around the same time that college basketball season would start.  If college buckets starts on time, this might be a viable option for college hockey.  The 3rd idea would be start the season after New Years.

I believe there is also a 4th option that nobody wants to talk about.  Including me, but if the Big 10 were to cancel winter sports as well...This could have a domino effect and be the dagger for another college hockey season.  After all, the Big 10 was in such a hurry to cancel football and other fall sports.  Seems about par for the course.  Could college hockey continue without the Big 10?  Yes, but unlikely in my opinion because of the dollars generated from that conference.

To me the most likely scenario is a January 1st conference only schedule for UND with hopefully a NCAA tournament to follow.  Nothing appears imminent at this point.  Keep your fingers crossed college hockey fans.



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