The University of North Dakota hockey team, the number one team in the country and the #1 seed in the NCAA tournament lost a heart breaker in 5 OT's late Saturday night.  The Fighting Hawks now have the distinction for playing the longest game in NCAA Tournament history in either men's or women's hockey.  The Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs beat North Dakota in 5 OT's 3-2 to advance to the Frozen Four.

The game lasted 142 minutes and 13 seconds.  The winning goal came at 2:13 in the fifth overtime.  An unassisted goal by Luke Mylymok to oust North Dakota from the NCAA tournament.  Incase you missed it, or you like to be a gluten of punishment, here's the goal again.  Seemed innocent enough, 1 on 1 but the puck found it's way to the back of the net.

North Dakota thought they had lost in the first overtime, but the goal was reviewed and determined to be offside. Somehow, I thought that meant karma was on our side and UND would get it done. It was not meant to be. Such a punch in the gut to be the number one team in the nation all season long, and then to lose like this.

Especially after 2020, and how the coronavirus seemed to take away another possible championship season away from the Fighting Hawks.

I'll tell you one thing that is total BS.  The NCAA regional in Fargo should've been reseeded after Michigan was sent home with COVID.  North Dakota with the #1 seed should've got the bye.  Instead, the NCAA had North Dakota play American International, while Minnesota Duluth got the bye.  Why reward the #3 team in the regional and not the #1 seed???

If the game wouldn't have gone into overtime, it probably wouldn't have been such a big deal, but Duluth didn't have a game the night before, so that had to help the Bulldogs to some degree the longer the game went on.  Even though UND dominated the OT's and most of the game.

I'm used to the Vikings or Twins letting me down like this.  The UND hockey team over the years normally gets it done, when they're expected to.  I'm still pissed off about this game 2 days later.  Oh well, at least I got 2 months worth of laundry done between the overtime periods.


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