Don't worry this isn't a "Is candy corn disgusting, debate." Though, since it's been addressed, candy corn is delicious, and the pumpkin-shaped ones are the actual best. more sugary goodness = more better.

The Breakdown

No, I'm not talking about the inevitable breakdown and decay of your teeth after eating Halloween candy; we're getting into the data.

Okay, so a company called did the very important research of finding out what each state's favorite Halloween candy is. The source analyzed hundreds of Google search terms to get these results.


Calling Out A Couple States

Mississippi is the only state in the country who chose Hot Tamales as its favorite candy. I'm not a fan personally, and it would seem most others are also not. Ewww.

I'd also like to point out that several states chose Nerds as the best candy and I'm confused. Don't get me wrong, Nerds are alright, but I've never walked into a grocery store and thought "Man, I could really go for some Nerds."  Georgia, Washington, and New Hampshire love their Nerds.

North Dakota

Alright, North Dakota's favorite Halloween candy is caramel apple suckers. South Dakota also chose these treats as the crem de la crem. North and South Dakota were also the only states who made this choice.

My Question:

How does chocolate not reign supreme? At any given time, I HAVE to have a chocolate stash in my house. I'm convinced eating it makes me a better human.


I hope this satisfied your curiosity. Maybe this will even help you choose what candy to stock up on this year for trick-or-treaters.

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