Fall Fun

Fall is a fun and festive time. Spiced candles, bonfires, flannel shirts, and so much more things to enjoy during the season.


One Other Thing

Another big thing we love to enjoy during this season is Fall foods. I stumbled across a survey that found the most popular Fall recipes in each state. North Dakota's might surprise you.

Top Seasonal Dishes Overall

Looking through each state, you will notice a popular choice is Pumpkin bars, something I've only tried recently. Other ones that came up a lot were: cranberry sauce, apple pie, and pumpkin pie (my favorite).


One that really stood out to me was Louisiana's favorite dish. It's Carmel apple muffins. I've literally never heard of these, but they sound delish.

So what is North Dakota's Favorite Recipe?

Okay, getting to the point, North Dakota's favorite Fall food is *drumroll please * ... caramel apple cheesecake. Look., I know we love cheesecake here, but I never knew this was a thing. Is this really the most popular in the state? Do you agree?

I's be happy to give it a taste test, and give my expert opinion if anyone has some they want to share.

Neighboring States

Our neighboring state, Minnesota voted grilled maple pork chops as its favorite. South Dakota voted for chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. To be honest, oatmeal cookies are the least desirable of all the cookies. There, I said it! #NotSorry

I'm willing to bet if you weren't hungry before reading this, you are now. Before you get hangry, go grab a little snack.





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