Yup, all three of those guys probably think that they are the ones that are driving.

But, you're a sober driver and if you ask me- a darn good driver!  You make room when drivers are merging on the highway.  You come to a complete stop at mostly every stop sign. You even nail driving through a round-about.   No question about it- you've got this driving thing down!

So let's discuss why you don't wear a seat belt.  Forget the fact that it's a ticket-able traffic offense. Not wearing a seat belt is like thinking dinosaurs never existed, the world is flat, and Pauley Shore is funny.  It defies logic. It defies facts.  It defies YOUR MOM!

Zero Vision is North Dakota's primary traffic safety initiative and they have compiled so many statistics that they could fill a two hour slide show.  For you kids reading, that's like a power point presentation.  But let me focus on just three points...

1) In 2020, Roughly 63% of motor vehicle fatalities in North Dakota were not wearing seat belts.

That's way more than than half!  Whats my point?  Well NDDOT cites this little bit of information in 2020

The observations were conducted at 320 sites across 16 counties. Based on the sampling methodology weighting procedures, the final estimate for the statewide seat belt use was 83.7%

So roughly 16 percent of North Dakota drivers don't buckle up.  Those 16 percent of unbuckled drivers make up 63 percent of fatalities! That really over performing while bouncing in a ditch.

2) Are you really going to all the trouble of deactivating your seat belt alarm?

Maybe your vehicle doesn't have one.  My last 4 vehicles have all had that irritating ding-ding alarm but I never considered disarming it.  I guess you can just click it behind your seat so it doesn't get in the way of you bouncing in a ditch.

3) I gave this away earlier, but it's not just your mom, the rest of your family and friends love you too.

So try not to bounce in a ditch. I know you can bounce in a ditch INSIDE a vehicle too.  With air bags and some steel reinforcement, I'll take the odds and hope to stay inside.

I just had to say something when I saw that 63 percent of this years fatalities have been unbuckled.  It just seems entirely too high for being so darn controllable.

Stay safe y'all!

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