Am I the only one on this planet that hates TikTok? Good grief all I hear about lately is this "Fancy like..." BS TikTok Dance challenge thing. Yesterday, I spent a brief time at Kirkwood Mall, and I must have heard 3 or 4 people talking about this carnage, and then they started filming themselves doing it.


That's when I lost it, my head started to explode. Walker Hayes is the man to blame - he is guilty of making my stomach churn. Just recently during a college football game televised on ESPN - people all around the country were ready to jump off a 1,022 story building when the "Fancy like..." commercials kept airing -  Pure Putrid.

We can stop this madness NOW you know

A friend of mine has a daughter in a local high school here in Bismarck, and she told me that her whole dance class is doing it. OK, I get it - to me, that's an exception. Kids under 18 are allowed - Period. Unfortunately, our country has spiraled out of control with this goofy fad

SO attention to all Bismarck / Mandan citizens - plumbers, doctors, dentists, construction workers, taxidermists, restaurant employees, lawyers, colonoscopy surgeons, postal carriers etc - STOP IMMEDIATELY This TikTok Travesty.

Well, I'm hoping to wrap up this inspiring article and submit it to our Mayor Steve Bakken - I fully expect him to introduce this to the city council and get an emergency plea for a law to be written up effective NOW - involving the arrest and the "Throw away the key for life" actions on anyone involved with this barbaric, inane, horrible dance.


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