Construction that's gonna make you late for work. Maybe a lot late.

Baby did a bad bad thing...if you have the time here's the most excellent Chris Isaac  via YouTube...if you're unfamiliar, it's grainy, but I think it'll get you in the mindset of a bad bad thing.

The city doesn't mean to do a bad bad thing. It happens. We deal with it.

I am, by nature, a traffic avoider. Last thing I would ever divulge to you...are my secret Bismarck/Mandan routes. But let me say, I arrived here in 2001 and got caught once on Washington (no turn lane Washington), around rush time, and thought...I should really avoid this most times.  Somehow,I was back two weeks later.  Fool me twice.

So I use Washington strategically; and kinda feel the same way about Century Avenue...all about the timing.

Tuesday, timing will change. BISMARCK! Here's the release...

Grace Rowan/Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley
Grace Rowan/Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley


BISMARCK, ND – Starting Tuesday, August 3, 2021, Century Avenue and Washington Street traffic lanes will be reduced to one lane of travel and sidewalks will be closed for installation of traffic signal foundations at this intersection.

Lane closures will be in place for two weeks.

During peak traffic periods, drivers can anticipate longer than normal delays and congestion on Century Avenue at Washington Street.

No detour route will be in place.

Posted speed limits will be reduced to 25 MPH in work areas.

Traffic is asked to modify their travel routes and seek alternate routes.

Your patience is greatly appreciated! For more information visit

You still need to get where you need to get.  Be ready to be patient and it'll be done before school traffic starts in a few weeks. So, just give yourself extra time and re-figure your route.  I don't drive in that neighborhood a whole lot, but this seems like a whopper. Figure I'd help spread the word.

Good luck!  Going to be around for a couple of weeks.

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