On The Way To Opening

The Heritage River Landing project has been in the works for years. It sits right along the Missouri River, next to the Lewis and Clark Riverboat dock. It's an extremely large cabin-like building. After some delays, the outlook is pretty good.

The Wait is (Almost) Over

The 'Huckleberry House' Facebook page made an interesting post earlier today (Tuesday, May 17th). It said the restaurant would be opening "Soon." While that doesn't tell us an exact date, I think we can all gather that means the Heritage River Landing will be open just a short time from now. But what do I know?

*Fingers Crossed*

Huckleberry House

The Heritage River Landing is a place where visitors can get a taste of North Dakota history, fun, and a taste... of our traditional eats. The "Huckleberry House" restaurant is to be located inside the landing, and is described as a place that serves "Modern comfort" dishes. The restaurant's Facebook page says it's inspired by North Dakotan, Scandinavian traditions.

We Love A Good View

You can't get us off of the river during the summer months, so how great is it that you can just pull right up in your boat and pop in for recreational resources and a bite to eat?? Even without a boat, you can't deny this place is pretty picturesque. It's going to be selfie central, for sure.

Daydreaming (Skip if you're a cynic)

I'm also already imagining tons of river walk dates. Picture it: (as Sophia from the Golden Girls would say) ...it's a warm summer evening, you're walking up the river walk trail as the sun is slowly setting in the sky, you're talking about your favorite movies, sharing stories about your friends and families, and find yourself at the end of the trail. But it's going so well... you don't want it to end. You look up and see this massive restaurant. It's a perfect final stop to an ooh la la evening.

Super Random:

This has nothing to do with anything, but I realized while writing this, that I had no idea what a Huckleberry was. If you are berry-illiterate like me, here you go: A Huckleberry is similar to a blueberry in taste and appearance.

They are also Idaho's state fruit. The word is also a colloquialism used to describe someone as "The right person for the job."

What Else Do We Know About The Restaurant?

According to the businesses Facebook page, the restaurant's head chef will be a man named Cody Monson. That's pretty much it. I guess we'll have to just wait until the grand opening to find out more.


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