Here is what The Ginormous Google people have been dealt

Heck, I'm almost afraid to say anything bad or make fun of Google, they might just take a quick swipe at me and erase me off social media forever. So I'll just fill you in on some recent news, involving mistakes made with US ( North Dakota ) and how the Google Gals and Gents will be forking over some big-time $$$$.

It all centers around Google's location-tracking practices...

Wait a minute, when I first read that, I was misunderstood for a while ( which is quite common by the way ) - I assumed that maybe they ( Google ) were cruizing around in their Google Maps vehicle and getting way too nosy and snooping around where they shouldn't be here in North Dakota -, but that's not it at all. According to    "The investigation and upcoming settlement focused on Google’s misleading practices regarding data collection, retention, and use. Privacy concerns were raised when it was revealed that Google records movements, even when you tell it not to. North Dakota joined the investigation when that information was released in 2018"  The bottom line is that there was a lack of personal consumer protection for North Dakotans, and now Google will pay, literally, for their mistakes.

Probably just a small slap on North Dakota's wrists, right? Like, say a $50 dollar fine?

Well, time that $50 by about a zillion times ( well maybe not that much ) - Let's just say it's in the millions - "Attorney General Drew Wrigley announced on Tuesday that North Dakota has reached a $391.5 million multistate settlement with Google - North Dakota will be receiving $4.1 million of that $391.5 million." added.

Don't get mad at me Google, I just live here.

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