IT'S WEED!  Weed is once again knocking on the door.

South Dakota and Montana have blunts on their ballots. Will weed succeed?

In 2017, North Dakota surprisingly passed Medical Marijuana Measure #5 by a landslide.  The vote was 63.7% Yes and 36.3% No.

In 2018, the same horse was brought to the well again.  OK, not the same horse, but basically the same, maybe just a little wilder. This time around it was, and I'm paraphrasing here, "Smoke Em If Ya Got Em" Measure #3.  It on the other hand failed.

Marijuana legalization initiatives will just keep coming until they wear down voters ability to care anymore. Much like the TV show "The Masked Singer", just keep playing it, and people will eventually simply succumb.  We're too damn bored to object. So, if North Dakota puffers want to get the high ground on the anti-stoner segment of the population, they may want to check out November's action in neighboring Montana and South Dakota.

South Dakota is shooting for a twofer in the upcoming election. On the ballot will be both a Constitutional Amendment legalizing recreational marijuana AND an Initiated Measure legalizing medical marijuana.

Montana is also breaking up their pursuit of pot into two different ballot entries. In Montana's case, both Initiatives deal with legalizing marijuana for adults, but unlike North Dakota's failed attempt in 2018, Montana's Initiatives present a more precise plan on how it will be executed.  Dangling a big fat 20% tax rate on weed.  Ask, Canada, who legalized it nationwide, marijuana is one heck of a cash crop.

Come November, we'll see if we're surrounded by stoners or not.  Seems odd to me that Montana and South Dakota would flip before Minnesota.  We'll see if they do.

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