Can you recognize if your teen is involved in risky behavior?  Maybe you believe so, but would it hurt to take an hour this Tuesday night to zoom in on a community forum?

Presented by Bismarck community organizations, the information is valuable to us all.

The question posed in the press release is simple "As a parent or guardian to a young person, would you be able to recognize if your teen was engaged in risky behavior?"  Tuesday evening there is a free, interactive display of a teenager's bedroom and a teenager's vehicle where experts point out possible signs that your young person may be involved in activities that may be risky.

Meaning it's a mock bedroom and car exhibit you can view virtually.

But it's more than a view.  It's experts pointing out potential red flags that may indicate trouble.  It will be followed by a Q&A with Bismarck Police Bureau, a Bismarck School Resource Officer, Bismarck Public School Administration, and Burleigh Public Health Substance Abuse Prevention Program Staff.

Could be that the teen tricks of the trade may have changed since you were young.

In my day it was as simple as finding a frozen six-pack of Old Milwaukee in the trunk of my Ford Maverick. Today it may be more complicated. As a former parent of a teen, I regarded privacy as a cornerstone of trust and individual responsibility. I'm proud to say that approach worked beautifully.  While I would never condone the invasion of a teen's privacy, I would say taking a refresher course in the signs of potential trouble is valuable to parents and guardians.

This Tuesday evening from 7-8 PM, "Hidden In Plain Sight" is a public forum for all.

Here's information from their press release on how you can join in...

To attend Hidden in Plain Sight event click this URL to join. Passcode: 345785. To learn more about the Hidden in Plain Sight, contact Bismarck Burleigh Public Health Substance Abuse Prevention Program at 701-355-1597.

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