People suck.  Check out this video of a hit and run in broad daylight.  Right outside the owners home.  At approximately 5:48 pm yesterday a red Dodge pickup truck pulled a "hit and run" on Essex Loop in Bismarck.  The truck even drove into the owners driveway and backed right into their teens car parked outside the street and drove off.  Here's the video.


Talk about nerve. The accident caused significant damage to the families car.  Here's a close up shot of the Dodge pick-up truck.  It appears to me, there are two people driving in the truck.  It appears to be a red Dodge 3/4 ton Hemi or diesel. Black flares, Tonneau cover with tool box, and a drop down hitch.

Julie Subart
Julie Subart

Again, people suck.  Hard to imagine how somebody could have such disregard for personal property.  Well, should be pretty easy to identify this person's vehicle.  If you have any information on who is the owner and driver of this red Dodge pick-up, please contact the Bismarck Police Department.  They will probably have some damage to their tailgate and bumper.  Let's catch this low life.

You got to love Ring Cameras.  Have I mentioned that I have one, but we haven't hooked it up yet?  Looks like I have found my weekend project.  You can buy Ring Cameras at retailers like Target, Lowes and Best Buy here in Bismarck.  Let's face it, security cameras sure give your peace of mind.  I had somebody run over my mail box at the lake.  I'm pretty sure who did it, but a Ring Camera would've proved it.


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