Millions of people around the world would not complete an entire day without a drink of soda. Some people even consider it their main source of liquid intake rather than water which is highly recommended. To date, there have been numerous scientifically proven researches which have linked this beverage to several diseases like high blood pressure, weight gain and diabetes.


I know when I stopped drinking soda over two years ago, I instantly began dropping weight.  I lost over 30 pounds and 3 pant sizes.  Not to mention I began to feel better but still missed that caffeine jolt I got with Mountain Dew every morning.

I've never enjoyed coffee, so I was searching for an alternative for my caffeine fix.  That's when I discovered Bai!  About as much caffeine as a cup of coffee but only 10 calories per bottle.  No sugars and no artificial sweeteners.  As somebody who has borderline diabetic, this is exactly what I needed.  Since then I've kept the weight off and I no longer miss soda!  There are many flavors but my favorite is the Cocofusion flavors.  It's awesome that just about every Bismarck convenience & grocery stores carries Bia!  Give it a try some morning!  Your body will thank you!