Here is your chance to size up the wrestling competitors that are coming to town

There are a ton of wrestling fans that you may never be aware of. Just start up a conversation at your favorite bar and someone will tell you all about past wrestling stars that they remember watching on television. Years ago in Minot, I actually saw a live event, and all I can remember is just how loyal the fans in the audience were. I'm actually looking forward to seeing how Bismarck/Mandan embraces this event on May 4th at Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse. This is truly something you won't want to miss, the Extreme Dwarfanators Wrestling show is coming.

They might fool you by their size and stature, but they are packed with strength and entertainment

Their website says it all, describing to the core what these individuals are all about. Check them out at "We are Dwarfanators and yes, what people call Dwarf Wrestling we call it a Dwarfanators Show. Our idea is to bring all the great dwarf wrestlers to you at one place... Our wrestlers may be small in size, but when they are about to wrestle, they sure have the courage to beat any professional tall size wrestler anytime and anyplace" These amazing pint-sized athletes travel all over the country and if you look at their schedule, they are hard at work almost every day.

Some people may avoid attending one of these shows for the reason that they say "it's all staged..."

Well to that I say "So what if it is?" - it's still entertainment, they are performers. Go in with an open mind and have fun!




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